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Eloise Katherine Bennett––mother, wife, daughter, friend––is lying dead in her home. But who killed her?

Eloise’s husband, Paul, is an ordinary man with a troubled life. He has been spiralling out of control for many years; when he hit rock bottom did he drag Eloise with him?

Eloise’s mother, Sandra, is a control freak who would stop at nothing to bring Eloise back home. Did she push Eloise too far?

Eloise’s friend, Emma, has been her rock and the voice of reason throughout Eloise’s desperation, but she is hiding secrets of her own. How far did Emma go to hide these from her best friend?

Eloise's five-year-old daughter, Jessica, has witnessed the breakdown of her parents’ marriage. Does she hold the key to the mystery of her mother’s death?

Narrated posthumously via flashback storytelling, Volcano erupts with heartbreaking secrets and white-hot twists, leading the reader through a heartbreaking journey of questions, answers, secrets and lies.

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